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Different societies view adulthood in various ways. It could be when you hit the legal age of 18 or 21, when you finish high school or any further studies or even when you start working more frequently and constantly. At the end of all, we grow up and enter the phrase of our lives called adulthood.

As a child, but I most especially felt this way when I was a teenager, I wanted to “grow up”. I wanted to do “adult things” without having my parents nagging at me. When I was younger I felt constrained because I wasn’t as “free” as to how I perceived adults were.

It was tough.

Or so, that’s what I thought. As a naïve child, I thought to be an adult meant you can live your own life, which still holds true, however, there is more to it than being free from your parents’ constant nagging and of course, adults treating you like a kid.

I am guilty of this.

Like how adults talked to me like I barely knew anything, that is how I communicate with a family friend who is 8 year my junior. The thing is, most teenagers think they know better. They think that their level of maturity is nearly on par as adults, which isn’t the case. As you add on to your years of living, you realise and regret some of the decisions you make when you were younger. I, too, am going through that stage and still am. I am not claiming to be this all-knowing adult, I’m just saying that when you think you can handle yourself and know it all, think again.

So, why does adulthood suck, in my opinion?

You. are. not. as. free. as. you. think.

Yes, drive yourself, stay out late, order alcohol and do whatever legal age stuff there is to do BUT you also have to cope with adult responsibilities. Who knew calling up banks, doctor or dental clinics or telco companies, to fix your plan, can be so scary. I always had my parents do it for me and for that, I am quite privileged. However, menial tasks such as those, scared me to death when I first started doing it, till now my heart thumps when I call for assistance. It does come with experience.

Additionally, as an adult, society is less forgiving when you dumb things. When you’re young, you can get away with anything stupid because “adults” would always just dismiss it as a “dumb teenager” thing to do. But as an adult, you are held accountable sometimes for your actions. There is less of the mentality of you changing hence a lesser probability of being given a “second” chance – when you do something publicly inappropriate or unaccepted.

As adults get older, the less dependent you are on your parents or carers, except for some rare cases wherein the son or daughter is in need of assistance, i.e. severe disability. But for most adults, you start becoming independent. Transitioning is not easy, some are pushed to transition earlier than others due to financial need or just wanting to be independent earlier.

At the end of the day, I wish I was able to enjoy having fewer responsibilities, as a child, rather than wishing back then that I grow up already so I can be independent. Nothing bad about it, I suppose, but it’s not as easy as it seems.



2 thoughts on “Being an adult sucks

  1. Lola Lala says:

    Ramdam kita:) Hahaha. Kakayanin !

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    1. branesbubble says:

      Sana nga HAHAHA. It all comes with experience, ika nga nila.

      Liked by 1 person

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