Just another space for my lingering thoughts

Hello friends, happy 2018. I know I’m a month late but nonetheless happy new year to you! 🙂

It has been a while since I’ve written on this blog. I know I mentioned about writing about my adventures in Vietnam, particularly HCMC but I just haven’t. It wasn’t particularly a holiday too so I rarely had time to write. I’ve been back for more than a week now and I do have time to write, I just can’t. I envy the people who are articulate and can manipulate their words to express themselves, I can’t. Maybe because I’ve lost the extreme urge to put my feelings down into writing or I just don’t have those extreme emotions anymore. They say you need to find your inspiration so you can write, I haven’t had that driving force in a while. Bought my own domain but I haven’t used it to the fullness of its capacity… sadly.

I’ll write soon, when I’m in the right headspace. I want to share my experiences in HCMC and perhaps other areas we visited on the weekends.

Till next time,


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