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I am having so many feels atm, I’m scared for the most part. ‘I never thought travelling with my parents can be so nerve-wracking’ – says an overprotected child. But I reckon it’s not just because I’m travelling by myself but because I am also going there to teach. Teaching placements to me are always scary especially if I’ve never taught the students before. There’s the issue of will I be able to deliver quality education and also, having to deal with the new environment, adjusting to the new mentor and being firm towards your students while building rapport with them. It is not easy, it never got easy. I always never know what to expect and after each placement, I feel accomplished but at the same time, I feel like a failure. I added new techniques and strategies – know hows – but also the feeling of being nowhere this ideal teacher I picture in my mind.

Those are just some of my worries as a pre-service teacher in here. Imagine going overseas, to a country unknown to you and having these worries double up. So why did I even do it? To challenge myself. I like the idea of travelling but more than, I love the idea of travelling while being able to do something that could benefit less privileged kids. While growing up, I always heard the phrase, “The children are the future”. I believe it. They will one day affect the future of present-day adults with decisions they will be making, whether that be in a minor-scale or a larger one. As an adult who was given the opportunity to study and live a life where my daily needs are met, I want to be able to bring back to the community. Growing up, I would hear or see stories of children travelling miles, way and beyond just to be able to learn. Thus, young me has always wanted to give something to children who are not able to do so due to financial matters. This idea has been stuck in my head for the longest time but I haven’t been able to fulfil it because of personal reasons.

Although I’m not particularly going to the slums, I want to try and teach in a country that does not specifically speak the same language as me. That, in itself, is a challenge. It will be a new environment for me as this will be my first time in Vietnam.

Apart from all my teacher worries, I have two more personal worries. I am not your typical Asian, body-wise. I’m quite overweight and I know that Vietnamese people can be quite blunt when saying someone’s fat, or from my experience here, that’s what I have observed. I will try and take it in with an open mind but I can get a bit sensitive HAHAHA. But I’ll live. Tbh, I’ve been searching up different experiences from tourists who’ve gone to Vietnam who are more on the heavier side and I have found some but all from people who are of a Caucasian background. I haven’t seen a blog post or forum thread that came from an Asian person. So I’ll try and post about my experience and hopefully, if someone out there will be in the same boat then it might help them or at least know what to expect.

But that’s it from me for now, I will try to vlog and blog my experience this month. Hope all goes well and I get past the airport security because what’s the point of worrying when I can’t even enter the country, haha!


Here’s an obligatory plane shot from my flight 4 years ago. I won’t be having it this time around because I will be taking the red-eye flight. Dreading it already.

Tạm biệt (for now) 🙂


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