Just another space for my lingering thoughts

So many times, we often hear this phrase. People use it differently, for different occasions or events in their life to encourage or reiterate that we shouldn’t live our lives stagnantly; just repeating the same cycle.

Death is inevitable. Just this week, I’ve heard two already and it’s only Wednesday. One person is a friend of a friend that he wanted prayer for when the guy went missing from his recent bushwalking trip and the other hit closer to home – an old university friend.

Before changing degrees to Education, I was doing a different course located at a different uni. There I met people from different parts of Australia, who became my lifesavers when it came to online quizzes in Chem and Bio and also the ones who made the transition from highschool better and smoother. Just today, I congratulated a friend who recently graduated from my previous university. Just today as well, I found out about the death of one of my friends when I was there. Although I didn’t spend much time with them, as I only stayed there for a year, it still is unsettling to know that he has passed away. When, how or why, I have no idea yet but memories of him just came flashing back. My heart is heavy but I can’t cry.

C.Y. May you rest in peace.


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