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I started watching Save Me while I’m waiting for the last few episodes of Black, another K-drama. I do not also feel compelled to write about the K-dramas I am currently watching because it takes time to jot down my thoughts on it and much rather not disrupt the bubble I’m in when watching these shows.

I came across ‘Save Me’ when what was showing was only up to episode 2. I’m the type of person who’d rather be late with watching shows than waiting each week for a new episode. Hence, I waited it out and forgot about the show. It was only recently that I remembered it because I have no shows that I delt like watching. ‘Save Me’ also is more towards the psycholigical thriller genre, which I liked but I favoured the mystery/crime genre more. However, the one of main protagonist in ‘Save Me’ is Ok Taecyeon, so it’s a must watch, hehehehe!

Update: I left this post as draft 2 days ago but I finally finished watching Save Me today. Like what most people who have watched this series concluded, the ending was a satisfying one, especially with how the story panned out. It’s not your typical happy ending where everything was resolved and everyone returned to their normal lives after being affected by a cult but the ending was ‘perfect’. As Ok Taecyeon is entering the military this year, I liked that the ending of his character somewhat connected to his current life situation.

“Save Me” is categorised as a horror-thriller TV series revolving heavily on a religious cult. This series also tackles how dark and inhumane human beings can be just to obtain what they want. In a way, it explores different ways people deal with tragedy or circumstances that would have an ultimatum.

I felt so bad for Seo Ye Ji’s character. It’s sickening and heart-breaking what she had to get through because of the decisions of people around her. Although her character build up was a bit rushed for me, I applaud her for the excellent portrayal of Im Sang Mi. Her flawless delivery of lines while in the midst of a heavy drama scene and bucket loads of tears was really impressive.

The main antagonist, Baek Jung Ki or also known as ‘Spiritual Father’, tops all the otehr antagonists I’ve ever watched before. It makes your blood boil how someone can be such a smooth-talker but also sinister, at the same time. I must say though that his acting is probably one of the reasons the audience get hooked because they wonder how he gets taken down in the end, or will he? *No spoilers*

Apart from the dark theme throughout the whole series, I love the element of friendship that was added here. It shows the extreme bond of 4 young men amidst the trial and adversity they face as they try and save Sang Mi from the religious cult she can’t truly escape from.

I’m not good at writing reviews but here are some of my thoughts when and after I watched the show. If you’re looking for romance though, this does not have it. Maybe a bit of tension between some characters but I won’t classify it even as ‘slight romance’. Comedy is also not seen here. You somewhat have to be mentally prepared to watch it if it’s not your typical genre to watch because of what the show tackles. I think most of it is exposed during the first 5 episodes because the episodes following the first 5 are less ‘blood boiling’ and more of the original story point, which is saving Sang Mi.

Lastly, I just want to say that although they tackled about religion, we should not assume that religious organisations are all cults. Some are and some aren’t. Further research is needed for one to classify a church or religious organisation as a cult. Apart from that, I hope that you may also come to enjoy the series like how I did. 🙂

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You can find the series here.

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