Bye Melbourne, Hello Ho Chi Minh

I am having so many feels atm, I'm scared for the most part. 'I never thought travelling with my parents can be so nerve-wracking' - says an overprotected child. But I reckon it's not just because I'm travelling by myself but because I am also going there to teach. Teaching placements to me are always... Continue Reading →

Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Time flies! I'm sure by now every country in the world has started another year. But I really just want to highlight what my 2017 was and how grateful I am for everything that has happened, both ups and downs. It truly has been a year of letting go and rebuilding myself, a year of... Continue Reading →

“Life is short”

So many times, we often hear this phrase. People use it differently, for different occasions or events in their life to encourage or reiterate that we shouldn't live our lives stagnantly; just repeating the same cycle. Death is inevitable. Just this week, I've heard two already and it's only Wednesday. One person is a friend... Continue Reading →

Save Me (K-drama)

I started watching Save Me while I'm waiting for the last few episodes of Black, another K-drama. I do not also feel compelled to write about the K-dramas I am currently watching because it takes time to jot down my thoughts on it and much rather not disrupt the bubble I'm in when watching these... Continue Reading →

Reality check

Here we are, alone, just my thoughts and I. I haven't felt like this for a while. I don't even have a term for it. It's the feeling of wanting to cry, shout and wanting happiness. But I can't have any. I just feel lousy and unmotivated to do anything. It's as if I wake... Continue Reading →

Teaching tensions Inasmuch as my confidence level with performing is soaring above the skies, the opposite is what I can say about my confidence when it comes to teaching. I just returned from an interview with my placement next year and also met my mentor teacher. I requested to be placed in high primary and I... Continue Reading →

Life update

I've been neglecting this blog for nearly a year and a half, right when I have my own domain. I don't even have any reason for this. I just prioritise watching my Kdramas after work, sorry blog. I just came home from a late lunch with a friend and I was telling her how I am itching... Continue Reading →

Untitled thoughts

I often tell you to not worry about when he will come into your life. You're young and have time to find the one meant for you, when you are more stable in life. You have your studies to focus on and dreams you have yet achieved. When you tell me you're lonely and I... Continue Reading →

“I’m over it..”

A line I use when my friends doubt whether I have truly moved on from my past relationship. To be honest, I feel like I have but due to the impact that person has made in my life, there are times when I can't stop but just reminisce and replay a certain memory in my... Continue Reading →

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